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Follow your own path.

Every business is unique.
Map your course to business success
by following your own Creative Compass.
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Welcome to .CAMP, where you can find the resources you need to run a successful web design business.

I'm Erin E Flynn, and I've been making websites since 1999. I blog and offer services for web designers and developers over at

I created .CAMP to house the products, resources, and tools that I create to help other web designers run their businesses successfully. Feel free to poke around, and be sure to join the free library and community to get some great resources and an amazing community that has your back!

Products & Tools

Free Library

free-libraryJoin the free library and get access to tools, resources, courses, the Facebook community, and weekly emails to help you stay motivated and move forward!

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Designer Scripts

designer-scriptsHaving a hard time drafting that perfect response to that tough client email? No worries, you can simply copy and paste and move on with your day!

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Client Screening Quiz

client-screeningShould you take on that project, or make a run for it? Find out with the free client screening quiz and take the guesswork out of project selection!

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Creative Compass

Learn how to get clients, price your services, and plan your business with Creative Compass!Without a map, you're going nowhere. And without a business plan, your business is going nowhere. Create your own map and follow your own path, with Creative Compass.

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Intro Packet Workshop

intro-packetStreamline your client screening and onboarding with this hour+ workshop replay that takes you step-by-step through creating your own intro packet.

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PS. Write Soon!

earn how to follow up with past clients and stop the hustle with PS. Write Soon!

Hustling up new clients is hard. Working with past clients is easy. Learn how to follow up with past clients and keep them coming back, and beat the hustle!

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